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Goat milk 
is gentle because it has a pH level that is closest to that of our skin.  It contains Caprylic Acid which maintains this low alkalinity. Great for sensitive skin!


Here at Au Naturel, we are delighted to bring you the finest cheese, fudge, lotion, and milk bath that a frolicking goat ever produced. 

Recently, a much broader audience has discovered not only goat milk, but goat skin care products. This comes not only from attention to health, but also from an upswing in appreciation of all things tasty.

Velma The Goat
There are so many reasons to love goat milk the way we do at Au Naturel. It’s quite likely you've heard about goat milk from a friend, a nutritionist, your doctor, or you have seen it in the refrigerator section at your local grocery store. 
Goat Fact 
Goat’s milk is closest in structure to human milk. The fat globules are smaller, which aids in digestion. In a recent study of infants allergic to cow’s milk found that 93% of them were able to drink goat’s milk with absolutely no allergic reaction! The ease of digestibility is also due to the high amount of medium-chain fatty acids (has 35% compared to cow’s 17%). 

You might be lactose intolerant and in search of a wholesome natural alternative. Well you have found it! Many people with sensitivities to cow milk are able to enjoy all goat milk products.

Goats milk is high in calcium and packed with flavor. Its famous for its rich, creamy, and slightly “hazelnutty” flavor. 

Whatever initially stirred your curiosity about goat milk, you just might uncover many more reasons to make sure you always have Au Naturel Goat milk products in your kitchen. We certainly do hope so. 
Goat’s milk also contains less lactose (milk sugars) than cow’s milk, which is great because it helps those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Goat’s milk is slightly alkaline, unlike cow’s milk which is slightly acidic.