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Customer Testimonials

"The milk bath from Au Naturel is great! At first I was not sure, but after I used it I was amazed. There was no recommended amount to use, so I used about a 1/4 cup per bath. Not only did it make my skin feel moisturized and rejuvenated, but it also made shaving a dream."
 - Destiny Kidder-Buell from Novato California 
"We all know fudge can be sweet.  In fact, many times that's just what we're all looking for. Though, the nice thing about Au Naturel's is that the fudge doesn't have that granular or real sugary taste on the tip of your tongue. It has a more creamy texture."
 -Debbie Stoke from Santa Rosa
"Real fudge, just like Grandma made . . . if Grandma had a herd of dairy goats!"
 -Luke Smith from Sonoma Valley
"It has been a while since I have seen a company as honest and caring as Au Naturel. I am so sick of buying products from other places that are full of chemicals and unnatural preservatives. Au Naturel is just like its name, fully natural and honest about what they put into their products. I ordered the lotion, and my skin has never felt this soft. I love the slight chocolate smell from the cocoa butter, and the nourishing properties of the avocado oil."
 -Brett Murphey from Novato California
"Au Naturels Intensive Body Lotion is the ultimate moisture for extra-dry skin. It combines two powerful moisturizers—skin-nourishing oil(avocado and coconut oil) and rich hydrating cream(shea and cocoa butter)—in a fast-absorbing lotion that leaves your skin extra soft, extra smooth and extra beautiful."
 -Leslie Chillo from Novato California
"I bought one package of Au Naturel's Ricotta and used it in my families famous Goat Milk Ricotta Lasagna. I gotta say that this ricotta make the recipe taste better than I have ever tasted. The day after I ordered my purchase was delivered right to my door. I am very pleased with this company."
 -Yasmeen Rezaishad from Novato California
"Let's get this straight. I love baths! There is nothing better than a long hot soak to ease the muscles and clear the mind. I originally bought this product because this is my friends senior project - and I'm so thankful I did. It changes the water color quite a bit more than I expected(because I got the chocolate one) and smells like a small slice of chocolate heaven. My fear was that the goat odor would be overwhelming but it's not, it's very soft and soothing."
 -Caroline Klink from Novato California
"Who needs those expensive spa products when you've got Au Naturels affordable and honest products?"
 -Christina Smith from Sonoma Valley

"I've tried a copious amount of milk baths, but never any like the one I bought from this company. They leave your skin feeling soft and supple. The fat and protein in the milk provide this immediate benefit in your bathwater. The milk also helps exfoliate the skin for additional softness. The milk hydrates the skin, preventing dryness." 

 -Jessica Bradington from Petaluma California